Essays on Sexuality and Ethics

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J. Martin Stafford: Essays on Sexuality and Ethics

Ten essays, nine of which were originally published in scholarly journals.


1. Hutcheson, Hume and the Ontology of Morals. (1985) - A critique of David Norton's 1982 book David Hume - Common Sense Moralist, Sceptical Metaphysician.

2. Hume, Spencer and the Standard of Morals. (1983)

3. Egoism and Rigorism: Spencer's Resolution of a Moral Paradox. (1995) - not previously published.

4. On distinguishing between Love and Lust. (1977)

5. Love and Lust revisited: Intentionality, Homosexuality and Moral Education. (1988) - A critique of aspects of Roger Scruton's 1986 book Sexual Desire.

6. In Defence of Gay Lessons. (1988)

7. Homosexuality and Education: a reply to Jim Ferguson. (1990)

8. The Two Minds of Roger Scruton. (1991)

9. Public Schools, Private Privilege and Common Sense. (1985) - A defence of independent education.

10. Was Hume's Natural History of Religion inspired by Mandeville's Fable of the Bees Part II? (1995)

xii + 113 pages (royal 8vo), bound in good cloth

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